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Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School
Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School

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Please consider supporting one or more of the following programs. Every donation, irrespective of its size, does make a difference and is greatly appreciated.

Click here to donate online to the Yiramalay Foundation

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The Yiramalay Foundation and ShareGift Australia

Sharegift Yiramalay Wesley Studio School

Donors can now donate shares instead of cash through ShareGift Australia, a not-for-profit organisation that provides you with an easy and tax-effective way to sell your shares and donate the proceeds to charity. You don’t have to engage a stockbroker, there are no brokerage fees and if the value of your donation exceeds $50, you can nominate the Yiramalay Scholarship Fund as your recommended charity to benefit from ShareGift Australia’s donations. Visit the ShareGift Australia website www.sharegiftaustralia.org.au or email dawn.anderson@yiramalay.net to find out more.

Yiramalay Building Fund

Tax deductible donations will build new facilities and enhance existing ones to ensure that our students enjoy the best possible environment.

Yiramalay Scholarship Fund

Tax deductible donations support scholarships for Indigenous students attending the Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School. 

Donations to the Yiramalay Foundation are tax deductible.

For further information on donations, contact:

Ned McCord
Executive Director
Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School

Email: ned.mcord@yiramalay.net
Tel: + 61 3 8102 6096 
Dawn Anderson
Executive Officer
Yiramalay Foundation
Email: dawn.anderson@yiramalay.net
Tel: + 61 3 8102 6696
Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School