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Wesley College social justice

A Culture of Social Justice

Wesley College, a Uniting Church school, is underpinned by a broad Christian philosophy and has developed to embrace and celebrate a diversity of cultures. We welcome children from all faiths and believe in the richness and depth that spirituality can add to a community.

We also believe in the fundamental value of compassion and foster a culture of integrity, openness and respect. A Wesley education equips students with the knowledge and confidence to live harmoniously within different communities, both new and familiar, at home and abroad. 

An essential part of the education offered at Wesley is the belief that students should be encouraged to express their views in a mature, positive manner and work to change our world for the better. Each of our campuses has a strong culture of promoting social justice and individual expression.

Student-led groups such as Wescare and the Social Justice Group work to raise awareness and money for a variety of environmental and charitable causes – locally, nationally and globally. They also work to improve the immediate environment of the College for students, through environmental initiatives such as tree planting and recycling programs. At Wesley we recognise our individual and collective social responsibility towards the environment and ecological sustainability, on a local and global scale.

In addition to the community service component of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, students across the College actively participate in a range of events including:

  • Special days for charitable groups (eg Red Nose Day, 40-Hour Famine, Red Cross Door Knock)
  • Community tree planting and other local environment projects
  • Global action youth forums