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The Clunes Journey

The Wesley at Clunes Year 9 Program provides a bespoke eight-week residential learning experience for Melbourne-based Wesley students each term. Building on the original concept of learning in community, the curriculum blends experiential learning, social and emotional learning, community engagement, the arts, sustainability and interdisciplinary learning. The MYP framework provides an important connection to students’ learning in Melbourne and aligns with the continuum of IB programmes offered at Wesley.

The campus has been developed around existing historic buildings, which are utilised as learning and teaching spaces. There are no traditional classrooms, with learning taking place chiefly in the student houses, the township itself and the diverse natural landscape of the surrounding district. Each Clunes group comprises students from all three Melbourne campuses, creating an opportunity to build connections between the campuses. Clunes offers a genuine College-wide experience for Middle School students at Wesley and a special opportunity for students to experience a True Education through the timeless principles of learning: Learning to know, Learning to do, Learning to live with, and Learning to be.

Students live in houses of eight, without an adult, and assume responsibility for household budgeting and domestic duties, as well as participating in the wider MYP curriculum. Central tenets to the program are caring for self, others and place (encompassing students’ houses, their campus, the town and surrounding district, and the dimension of global citizenship).

The program is delivered by a team of 40 staff comprising teachers, assistants and support staff (nursing, administration, ITS, grounds and maintenance). Teaching staff work predominantly in two teams – House (Living Well) and Project. It is these teams who deliver the academic curriculum, including Electives and Service as Action. All teaching staff support the evening and weekend programs.

Clunes Curriculum