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Experience Life at Boarding School

A Unique World-View

Students in girls lounge room Wesley College Melbourne Boarding School Learning in Residence house

Welcoming local, rural and international students, Learning in Residence reflects the diversity upon which Wesley is built. This boarding experience teaches students how to relate across cultures, instilling a unique world-view that will serve them well throughout life.

A Diverse Program


Life at boarding school comprises a schedule of educational programs complemented by cocurricular activities, all fully integrated with the Senior School.

Boarders are able to select from the following core Senior School educational programs: 

The schedule is complemented by cocurricular programs in Sport, Music, Drama and Visual Arts, which are available to all students.

Evening Curriculum

Commencing at 4.00pm and open to all Senior School students, the evening curriculum program encompasses academic extension, short courses, life skills, employment preparation and wellbeing activities.

Academic Support

Learning in Residence boardingA nightly program of structured academic extension helps students build upon what they have learnt that day.  Onsite academic supervision and support ensures students allocate time to their homework and assignments, and have access to expert mentoring.

Small group tutorials and individual learning assistance provides students with the scaffolding they need to both enjoy and extend their academic journey.

Regular communication with and between the students, their teachers and the Learning in Residence staff mean that academic, social and emotional wellbeing is monitored inside and outside the classroom.

Weekend Curriculum

Weekends at Wesley are rich with activities. Saturday morning sport is compulsory for all Senior School students.  With over 19 APS sports to choose from, there is something for everyone with all levels and abilities catered for.

Students also have a wide range of supervised weekend activities to choose from, including cultural excursions in and around Melbourne, festivals and events, school socials, shopping, cinema screenings and water activities such as fishing, sailing, rowing and surfing lessons.

It is important that weekends also provide space for unstructured moments where students can choose to relax, spend time on their own, socialise with friends, read, play games or catch up on schoolwork.