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Every student who leaves Wesley automatically becomes a member of the Old Wesley Collegians’ Association (OWCA) and so the Wesley family flourishes and extends far beyond the school years. When students leave Wesley they become OWs, an ongoing member of a proud history of networks, support and activities.

The OWCA host regular events and reunions and so many alumni keep in close contact with their friends from school. Remaining connected through the OWCA can offer former students opportunities, business networking, career connections and relationships across a whole range of interests.

The OWCA is one of the strongest alumni organisations in Australia with over 20,000 members. With a thriving reunion and events program and a large number of affiliate groups, the OWCA is very proud of the support it offers its members and its ability to continue to support the College and its community.

 The OWCA gratefully acknowledges the generous support of its events program by:

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OWCA Noticeboard

Noticeboard provides an excellent opportunity for OWs to highlight news and to share information that doesn’t have a voice in Lion. 

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