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Sustainability at Clunes

Posted 12 April 2019

Eartha composting at Clunes

Year 9 students who participate in the Wesley at Clunes program, 140 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, live Wesley’s core principles of learning – learning to know, learning to do, learning to live with and learning to be, through caring for self, others and place. 

With a focus on environmental sustainability, the residential students not only harness clean and renewable solar energy but also limit their electricity and water use. As well as the usual focus on reducing waste and recycling, the students are also composting food scraps to grow pesticide-free and low-food-miles produce. 

In order to decrease waste further, a commercial compost machine – known as a CLO-10, or Phil (that’s ‘Fill the compost’) – has recently been installed. Phil is able to process 60kg of organic waste a day, composting organic matter in 24 hours rather than months. Clunes plans to partner with the local community to help process organic waste throughout town. Through the use of solar panels, recycling bins, composting and vegetable gardens, the sustainability approach at Clunes is contributing to a greener, more environmentally aware community.

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