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Logies Chance for Young Talent

Posted 9 April 2019


Willow Ryan Fuller

Wesley student Willow Ryan-Fuller has been nominated for the ‘Most Popular New Talent’ Logies award for her role as Sophie Butler in the Channel 10 comedy How to Stay Married. ‘It is incredible to be nominated. I was extremely surprised but it was a pleasant surprise’.

She has always enjoyed acting and singing from a young age and has pursued both in school productions and amateur musicals outside of school. ‘I always found the idea of acting as someone else for a moment instead of myself to be an exciting experience and like most kids, the idea of being a Hollywood star was the dream.’

Willow balances her school work with acting commitments by having a tutor on set during filming periods. ‘For me, my education will always come first’.

Working on a television set was a unique and enjoyable experience for the young actor, ‘It is always exciting waking up, going to set, putting on a costume and getting my hair and makeup done. It doesn’t feel like I am going to work, it feels as though I am doing a hobby and I love working on the set with all the cast and crew.'


Olive Weeks

Wesley student Olive Weeks plays the character Romy Hicks in Bad Mothers and has also been nominated for ‘Most Popular New Talent’ Logies award. ‘When I first found out [I was nominated], I couldn’t quite comprehend it, took a while before it actually sunk in. I feel very grateful.’

Theatre, acting and performing has been at the forefront of what Olive loves and want to do. ‘I have developed a strong love and interest in acting specifically, on stage and now also on screen. My acting has grown and been nurtured within my time at Wesley in Adamson Theatre Company (Wesley St Kilda Road’s student theatre) productions.’

Throughout her time at school, she has been part of productions including Miss Saigon, One Man Two Guvnors, Chicago and this year's Senior School play The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

Having solid support from her parents, peers and teachers has helped Olive balance her acting career and school work, ‘My parents have been fully there from day one, acknowledging that this is what I ultimately want to do. They encourage and support me in every way, whether its running lines or helping me get through intense times and decisions. To have friends who can genuinely celebrate my little, and big wins, is something I will never take for granted. My teachers have been great, allowing and supporting me in catching up and keeping on top of my work. To have particularly Mr Pinnell, who not only has helped me grow as an actor over the years, but also now completely supports and shares every excitement with me, means the world.’

For Olive, acting and theatre brings her a lot of joy, ‘I find the ability as an actor or performer to explore characters and convey stories deeply rewarding. Each time I explore a new character, I learn something. It’s a job where you consistently learn more about how and why people act the way they do.’

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