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Drawing from experience - building blocks of an artistic journey

Posted 20 February 2019 Painting

Wesley students continue to achieve innovative and accomplished works of art in their VCE and International Baccalaureate (IB) DP Art, Studio Arts and Visual Art subjects. We are excited to announce that we have 11 students exhibiting this year in the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Exhibition and two students selected for Top Arts held at the National Gallery Victoria. Our students’ observations of the world around them, critical thinking and introspection are reflected in the themes explored in their artwork such as family memories, mythology, identity and consumerism.

The following students have been selected to exhibit:

Top Arts

Joshua Kidd: Untitled - analogue photography
Storm Bell: Drawing machine - mixed media

IB Visual Arts Exhibition

Christina Athans: Curiosity - textiles
Natasha Nosiara: Core - clay
Wil Golja: Poly-lacerate - painting/photography (top image)
Katrina Yeo: Species - cat etching
Kleo Guthrie: Lost - drypoint etching on documents
Kleo Guthrie: Curate’s egg - acrylic
Kleo Guthrie: Palimpsest - paint on board
Lottie Van Wijck: Eden - lino cut and watercolour on embossment
Mandy Beggs: Open Inspection - lino print
Mandy Beggs: Driver unknown - colour photography
Pepper Horman: Madame Dechet - digital photographs
Pepper Horman: Plastic bag dress - rocco dress
Elsa Bryant: Flowers - claymation
Elsa Bryant: Seeds of life - ink on paper
Hannah Burke: Now & Then - acrylic paint and fineliner pen on wood
Mia Pesutto: The way home - charcoal on gesso cardboard

Artistic journey

Wesley enables a broad range of visual arts experiences as building blocks over the years. The Art programs have been developed over years of teaching experience and are constantly being refreshed to cater to changing cohorts and contemporary art approaches. ‘We ensure a range of media and artistic styles are viewed. Students can explore clay, drawing, painting, sculpture, SLR & digital SLR cameras, media, printmaking etc.’ says Amelia Judd, Head of Art, St Kilda Road.

Woven tapestry 

Christina Athans: Curiosity - textiles

In Junior School, students link art-making activities with transdisciplinary ideas being studied. ‘Students may be studying “Who we are” as a broad theme, which serves as a line of inquiry for making art – self-portraits, culture and identity,’ says Michele Maher, Head of Art at Glen Waverley Campus.

When students reach Senior School, they become part of the Art department and enjoy spending their time in a collaborative learning and teaching environment. ‘We have exceptional Art technicians that assist students to achieve their best and support their final years. An integral part to the senior program is life-drawing, artist-run workshops and lectures and several exhibition visits,’ says Amelia.


Joshua Kidd: Untitled - analogue photography

Importance of exhibiting

Exhibiting their work is an important experience for students as it provides a platform to communicate with an audience, an important part of being an artist. Michele says ‘As part of the IB Visual Arts programme, the students are required to select and present resolved works for their exhibition and explain the way in which the works are connected and how they have artistic judgements impact their overall presentation. So as well as being artistic creators they become curators of their work.’


Natasha Nosiara: Core - clay

According to the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA), student exhibitions allow for artistic achievement to be recognised and assists in students in developing their voice and identity. Exhibiting also allows for parents, staff and the community to come together to celebrate student achievement and the rich and varied learning provided by the school, which enhances social and emotional wellbeing.

‘I think it’s incredibly important for everyone to visit exhibitions and see art face-to-face. There are several aspects to viewing art such as scale, texture and three-dimensional aspects that can totally change a viewing experience. Art opens your eyes to not just aesthetic beauty but it can make us critically view the world and have a picture of history past and present. Art that challenges us can be some of the most important as it can make us more open to the unknown and uncomfortable,’ says Amelia.

IB Art Exhibition exhibiting from 14 February - 3 March 2019 at Glen Eira City Council Gallery

Top Arts 2019 exhibiting from 21st March – 14th June 2019 at National Gallery Victoria.

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