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Zebra Crossing Project

Posted 6 September 2018
Zebra Crossing Project

As educators, we aim to foster values, attitudes, skills and behaviours that support children as lifelong learners. Young children’s perspectives are listened to and considered to shape the content and approaches to learning. ‘The Zebra Crossing Project’ originated from a conversation between the Orchard Group children and their teacher while crossing the road. The children raised their concerns that cars may not slow down or stop as they cross the road. 

Zebra Crossing Project

A meeting was called with both of the four-year-old groups so that the children’s concerns could be discussed. Educators used the children’s interest to expand their thinking and encourage problem solving. Throughout the conversation, the children were asked:  

What is the issue? 

Who does this issue affect? 

What is currently done and what needs to change? 

What is your proposed course of action to bring change? 

Who is in the position to make change?  

The children hypothesised about different solutions, such as putting in traffic lights or a ‘Zebra’ crossing. Some of the children were unclear as to what this was, with some students actually picturing a zebra crossing the road. ‘No’, the children replied, ‘there are lines on the road.’ ‘Does the zebra lay down on the road?’ another child asked.  

Zebra Crossing Project

Zebra Crossing Project

Mr Gow reading the children's letter

Once they had a clear plan, the ECLC children then had to come up with ways to action this and it was suggested that they write a letter to Mr Gow to ask for a crossing to be made. Many of the children were part of the letter writing process. The children saw this as a way to communicate directly with someone who could affect change. An appointment was then made and some of the children went up to see Mr Gow to petition for the crossing.  

Zebra Crossing Project

The letter petitioning for a zebra crossing

After returning from the holidays, the children were delighted to find that their ‘Zebra Crossing’ had been made. Well done Manna Gum 4 and Orchard Group for coming up with an idea and actioning it to help keep all of our students safe! 

Donna Banks, ECLC Coordinator

Top image: The students enjoying their new zebra crossing

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