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Yiramalay opens new student accommodation

Posted 31 May 2018
Yiramalay student accommodation opening

The Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School recently opened new student accommodation at the Kimberley campus in Western Australia.

The event celebrated Indigenous cultures at the Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School community, with smoking ceremonies and traditional dancing and musical performances.

The new accommodation, built on the traditional lands of the Bunuba people, provides students at the Studio School with a comfortable living space for before and after school.

The new accommodation project was funded by a combination of contributions from the Commonwealth Government’s Capital Grants Program, the Wesley College and Fitzroy Valley communities and the Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School Foundation.

Yiramalay Executive Director, Ned McCord said the Yiramalay community was pleased to see the much needed new facilities in use.

‘We are very thankful for the fundraising support we have received for this project. It is pleasing to see the tangible impact that this new accommodation is having on the day-to-day life of our students,’ Mr McCord said.

‘An important aspect of the Yiramalay program is the nurturing of student’s personal development and cultural identity alongside their academic knowledge.

Yiramalay student accommodation opening

‘The new accommodation supports and enhances students’ learning experience by providing a comfortable environment for them to study, rest, and socialise in before and after school.’

Since Yiramalay’s inception in 2010, nearly 75% of graduates have been employed or are continuing their education with further study.

The Studio School supports students with a holistic approach to education that focuses on academic, industry and personal development.

‘We aim to develop well-rounded students who are confident, knowledgeable, proud of their community, and prepared for life beyond school.

‘We are incredibly proud of all of our student’s achievements – their eagerness not only to learn, but to educate others about their cultures, traditions and histories, is what makes the program special,’ Mr McCord said.

Yiramalay student accommodation opening

The Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School is a two-way learning venture between the Bunuba community and Wesley College that aims to bring about positive change through education. 

Wesley College Principal and Yiramalay co-founder, Dr Helen Drennen, said the two-way learning model enables students from the Studio School in the Kimberley and Wesley College in Melbourne to learn from each other. 

‘Developing respect and understanding of others can only truly come about if we’re prepared to learn from each other. This is a central feature of Yiramalay. We call it two-way learning,’ Dr Drennen said.

‘We recognise that Wesley is an equal participant in this learning and that much of our learning will be led by Aboriginal people “on country” at Yiramalay.’

For more information on the Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School and Wesley’s partnership with the Bunuba people, visit our Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School page.

Yiramalay student accommodation opening

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