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Picnic at Hanging Rock

The mystery of Picnic at Hanging Rock is part of Australia’s cultural landscape, thanks both to the best-selling novel and cult film by Peter Weir. Our St Kilda Road Middle School cast performed the compelling play over three nights at Adamson Hall.

Read some of our students’ reflections:

Everyone involved worked so hard to perfect the personalities of their roles, and to make themselves original. The cast, crew and directors put in all of our effort to make the show work. The hard work paid off, as we performed an amazing show that everyone enjoyed. The positive comments we received from those who saw the show reflected the success we had. We had a beautiful set to enhance our performance, and the look of the show. We also had magnificent costumes that reflected the 1900s time period, and helped to get us all into character.

Emily Schultz – Year 8 Student

My experience doing the Picnic at Hanging Rock play was very exciting, but also nerve-racking in the beginning, because it was my first play that I had ever done. I played the role of Irma Leopold, who is 17 years old, and is one of the three girls that goes missing. I absolutely loved playing her character. It was amazing being able to go through the rehearsal process, and watch everyone develop their characters and become more confident in themselves on stage. It gave me more confidence to immerse myself in being a character on stage. The cast and directors were very happy with the way the production turned out, and I will use what I have learnt from this production in future productions.

Lara Joyce – Year 8 Student