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Elsternwick Music Scholarships

Applications open: Current (2019 entry)

As the result of a generous bequest, Elsternwick Music scholarships are now available for students who demonstrate commitment and passion for music and learning an instrument. These outstanding opportunities for talented young musicians are available at the McAthur Music School located at the Elsternwick campus of Wesley College. The scholarship is valid to Year 4 for recipients in Prep to Year 2, and up to Year 6 for recipients starting in Year 2 to Year 4. 


When and how do I apply for an Elsternwick Music Scholarship?

Applications are currently open for both 2018 and 2019 entry and application forms are available to print from our website. Once completed, please return by email to scholarships@wesleycollege.net (preferred method) or by hard copy for consideration to Scholarships Coordinator, Wesley College, 620 High St Road, Glen Waverley 3150.

What is the selection criteria for the Elsternwick Music Scholarship?

Evidence of music skill or ability and commitment to developing potential for music ability, as well as enjoyment of and appreciation for music.

Is there academic testing required for the Elsternwick Music Scholarship?

The testing is a two-part process.

  1. An interview which involves discussion with Head of Campus.
  2. An audition with the Head of Music and accompanying music teacher which includes an interview and presentation or performance in area of music potential (singing, voice, playing of instrument).

What is involved in the music audition for the Elsternwick Music Scholarship?

The candidates should be prepared to demonstrate their ability to perform:

  1. Either sing two contrasting songs or play two contrasting pieces on their instrument/s. Bring music with you, including an accompaniment as appropriate for the music. Bring an extra copy for piano accompaniment if required.

The candidates should demonstrate their musicianship:

  1. Identify pitch and rhythm in aural tests at an appropriate level. 
  2. Sight-read music of an appropriate level where applicable.

What is the process & when will I be advised whether my child has been successful?

Once the written application has been submitted and if successful in attaining an interview, the family will be contacted within two weeks of submission.