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Wesley College Council


The Council is responsible for overall governance of the School, setting strategic direction, reviewing plans and budgets and related performance monitoring.

As the Constitution gives broad powers to the Council, a separate Council Purpose and Responsibilities Statement has been prepared, which acts as an internal guideline in respect of the role of Council, the Principal and various Committees of the Council. 

The Council appoints the Principal and its long standing policy is to delegate responsibility for operation and administration of the School to the Principal and to minimise interference with the day-to-day running of the School.  Accordingly the Principal reports to the Council on all educational and administration matters.

Annually Council confirms a delegation of authorities list to the Principal, Committees and staff members of the College.  This list specifies the authority level of each person and/or Committee, as appropriate.

Council can establish Committees.  It has two long established Committees with particular responsibilities.

  • The Finance and Risk Management Committee is responsible for the College’s financial affairs and risk management strategies.  A full time internal auditor also reports to this Committee
  • The Property Committee establishes the policy framework for all property dealings by the College and reviews the construction and maintenance of buildings and grounds

Wesley College Melbourne College Council Charters

Wesley College Melbourne College Council Charter

Wesley College Melbourne Nominations Committee Charter

Wesley College Melbourne Ethics and Governance Committee Charter

Wesley College Melbourne Finance, Audit & Risk Management Committee Charter

Wesley College Melbourne Property Committee Charter

Wesley College Melbourne Strategy Committee Charter