Wesley College Melbourne Australia
Wesley College Council

Consultation & Special Interest Groups

When the Council has a matter on which it requires advice or consultation with the College community it may convene issue specific forums.  Such forums may be convened with the Uniting Church, current parents, Old Collegians or others who have an interest in the development and performance of the College. 

Special Interest Groups

Associated with Wesley College are special interest groups of parents, staff and alumni who provide wonderful support to the College.  These groups operate under their own agreed rules or constitutions and are not managed/controlled by, or reportable to the Council.  The College Executive Management Team regularly meets with office-bearers of these groups and will provide assistance on governance matters as, and if, required.

New Constitution & Incorporation

Wesley College is, and has been, an unincorporated institution of the Uniting Church since our beginning in 1866. On several occasions over the past decade, the College has considered, together with the Uniting Church in Australia, the merits of alternative arrangements to frame the legal structure and governance model of the College as a school of the Uniting Church.  To date, while various alternatives have been reviewed for their strengths and weaknesses, the value of progressing a change has not been compelling.

However, over the past 2-3 years in particular, with the heightened political and community discussion on educational funding and evolving Government school administrative processes at both Federal and State levels, the presumption that Independent Schools are incorporated entities has become increasingly relevant.  Consequently, the Wesley College Council, with the assistance and guidance of the College’s legal advisor Philip Battye, Partner HWL Ebsworth Lawyers and in consultation with the Uniting Church, has explored appropriate alternatives for the College to consider in relation to future governance, constitution and legal entity arrangements and has prepared a proposed constitution for Synod review and consideration.

During June/July 2014, the Uniting Church Synod has agreed and endorsed the Wesley College model of incorporation and the proposed constitution to establish a new incorporated legal structure to support the College into the future.

Download a copy of "Feedback on Proposed Constitution – March Update"