Wesley College Melbourne Australia
Wesley College history

Historical Perspective

In 1866, a very young boy called Frederick Binks walked into the newly built Wesley College on St Kilda Road and made history by becoming our first pupil. Binks spent several lonely nights in the boarding house until other boys started arriving a few days later. He could never have imagined the Wesley College which we know today - the leading and innovative, coeducational, multi-campus institution with a student population of more than 3,150.

And yet, if we revisit the Prospectus and Annual Report for Wesley College Melbourne 1866, we find that the original educational objectives of Binks' day still have great resonance:

"The object of this Institution is to provide a Classical and General Education of the highest order, such as to fit a young gentleman for mercantile life, for the public service, and for matriculation in the University."

And later:

"The College will be conducted upon the principles of the Wesleyan Church; the constant aim being to give a liberal and Christian education."

Current Perspective

In 2016 Wesley College turned 150 years old and that line, "the constant aim being to give a liberal and Christian education", is just as relevant.

The reputation of Wesley College has been built on the simple fact that it has always been committed to being an innovative and leading educational institution, providing an education that encourages every individual student to flourish and be prepared for the challenges and opportunities of life after school.

We offer a unique commitment to the growth and development of each individual - a person who is open, inquiring, socially at ease, and who aspires to achieve excellence and personal best in all areas of endeavour.

Add to this an awareness of self, an ability to think critically, creatively and independently, with resilience, a generosity and a preparedness to act with others' interests at heart, then we are close to the essence of the quintessential Wesley student.

Coeducation at Wesley prepares girls and boys for the real world beyond school. In such an environment - the most natural and beneficial - they are able to grow, to think and to learn to live together.

Through the timeless principles of learning - to know, to do, to live with, and to be, with innovation and wisdom - Wesley offers a rich tradition of achievement and a deep understanding of our place in the world.