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School captains 2016

Academic excellence at Wesley College

Congratulations to the Class of 2016 International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) students who recently received their results. We are extremely proud that our students continue Wesley’s tradition of academic success, as well as achieving excellence in all areas of learning. This reflects our commitment to developing the whole child and providing a true education through the timeless principles of learning - to know, to do, to live with and to be. 

In 2016, 163 Wesley students presented for the IB DP, which represented 46% of our total Year 12 cohort. Here are some highlights of their outstanding achievements: 
  • Jemima Montag, Cameron Pollaers, Ronlee Korren and Jadene Yip achieved a perfect IB DP score of 45 and an ATAR score of 99.95
  • 18 IB DP students achieved an ATAR of greater than 99.00 
  • 11.3% of IB DP students scored in the top 1% of Australia 
  • The IB DP median ATAR score was 95.00 
In 2016, an overall total of 355 students completed the IB DP or VCE in Year 12 at Wesley 
  • The combined VCE and IB DP median ATAR score was 88.00 
  • 34% of all Wesley VCE and IB DP students attained a study score of 40+ (or equivalent) 

Further details of the Class of 2016 academic results will be published over the coming weeks. 

In the meantime, please enjoy reflections from some of our students:

Jemima Montag, St Kilda Road, IB DP 45, ATAR 99.95

Jemima studied Geography, English, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Spanish for her IB DP. Her career aspirations includes helping others, whether through medical research or human rights, and continuing her athletics to qualify for the Commonwealth Games or 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Co-curricular activities have been a highlight of Jemima’s time during Wesley. She enjoyed being part of debating, Big Band, Senior Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Wesley Athletics and captain of the Cross Country team. Jemima balanced her studies with co-curricular activities during Senior School and says, “ I'd seen so many people before me who were really succeeding in their academic pursuits and they all seemed to be the ones who participated in lots of co-curricular activities and led a balanced life right through until the end.”

Jemima also reflects that the Wesley education “…isn't just academic- it is such a well-rounded, inspiring experience and all of the opportunities on offer build upon each other to create these incredible students who have the skills and open minds to launch themselves into whichever pathway they desire.”

Michael Simpson, Glen Waverley, VCE, ATAR 99.10

Michael has been a Wesley student since Year 7 and has demonstrated exceptional tenacity to meet the challenges offered by his studies. His achievements include being on the Principal’s Academic Honour Roll and awarded High Distinctions in the Rio Tinto Big Science Competition as well as the Australian Science and History competitions.

Michael's subjects include; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths Methods and English. He also obtained four academic awards for the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths Methods in 2016. Michael plays tennis at school and manages his work load  by “working hard, spending less time on social media and making sure I got enough sleep.”

Michael credits his mum as the person he relied on the most for support. His future plans include studying biomedicine at The University of Melbourne next year, and pursuing a subsequent degree in medicine.

What advice does he have for future Year 12s? “I think keep keeping up with class is probably the most important thing and also reviewing notes throughout the year so you don’t forget bits and pieces as you go.”

Charlotte Omond, St Kilda Road, VCE, ATAR 96.10

Charlotte studied English, French, Further Maths, Studio Arts and Global Politics and is considering a range of further study options at Monash University.

Support through Year 12 was vital for Charlotte.  “My family was really good at helping me remember what was important, and keeping everything in perspective. My friends were really good in terms of providing understanding and advice.”

Charlotte took advantage of a range of cocurricular activities. “I played for the Softball Firsts in summer and the Basketball Firsts in winter. I also did debating. Outside of school I played for two other basketball teams including the Melbourne Tigers. I was also a basketball coach, referee and babysitter!”

The community of people at Wesley stand out most for Charlotte. “There is such a diverse collection of students and staff, each with different opinions and ideas.  Wesley provided a place where the expression of these differences was not just accepted but encouraged. I really enjoyed this as it fosters an environment of open-mindedness, which will stay with me.”

James Allan, St Kilda Road, VCE, ATAR 99.05

In his VCE, James studied Specialist Maths, Chemistry, Physics, English, and University Maths through The University of Melbourne Extension Program. James received College academic awards in Physics, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Maths and achieved a perfect study score of 50 in Mathematical Methods. James is now considering a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne.

James says “I relied on my close friends, family, and my teachers to balance studying and socialising.  What will stay with me from my time at Wesley is the close friendships formed and the amount of support from everyone.”

James balanced academic study with music, choosing piano, and scheduled his music lessons around his classes.    

Kitty Liang, Glen Waverley, VCE, ATAR 97.80

Kitty studied English and Japanese as Additional Languages, Chemistry, Maths Methods and Specialist Maths in her VCE.  At University, she plans to study Biomedicine or Pharmaceutical Science, and is keen to continue learning Japanese. Kitty is on the Principal’s Academic Honour Roll and has received awards for VCE Japanese and English as an Additional Language.

“Interactions with friends and teachers, house activities and school events” are highlights of Wesley life for Kitty.  She was active in may domains including being on the organising committee for the International Dinner and welcome party for Japanese exchange students, international camps, badminton, swimming as well as representing her House in events and competitions.

Kitty’s approach to balancing study with other activities was to recognise her limits, “When I was struggling to stay focussed on my studies, then I would recognise that I have too much on my plate. Then it would be time for some social outing or exercises.”

For future Year 12s, she recommends reading the exam reports carefully as they “underline some common mistakes that many students find confusing, reading them may be helpful for you to not make the same mistakes”.